Ever been to Disneyland and noticed that most guests walk through the gates and go right?

Research indicates that the people who go left experience less crowding and shorter lines.

What if as an employer, you went left instead of right?

You’ll still experience great rides, food and entertainment, but you may have fewer people to wade through to get to a great ride.

 At a time when digital skills are prized and businesses place a premium on youth, some employers look for younger employees to replace older workers.

But there are advantages for employers who do the opposite.

Studies show that older workers are often very dependable, have a stronger commitment to their job and bring experience and wisdom to the workplace.

The older generation tends to have better people skills because they know how to have face-to-face communications instead of electronic messaging. Plus, they are less likely to call in sick on a beautiful day to surf or hit the slopes.

 More Americans are working later into life, either by necessity, because they cannot afford to retire, or by choice, because many stay healthier longer and feel fulfilled with their jobs.

Attracting and keeping older workers might be a perfect strategy for your company. They tend to have more life experience and a deeper understanding of providing good customer service. They have life skills and a strong work ethic, and they have considerably more flexibility in their work schedules, so it’s easiser to piece together a weekly schedule in a retail or automotive environment.

 When looking for employees, think about Disneyland and consider going left.

Take a closer look at mature candidates or people who are re-entering the workforce.

Be open-minded and you’ll be surprised at how many great people there are out there. And the bonus for you is that there won’t be a long line of employers in front of you trying to snag the same young inexperienced employees.

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