What to Say – Or Not Say – In An Interview


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What to Say – Or Not Say – In An Interview

By Steven Warner   Automoto Social


Eventually during an interview, someone is going to ask “why are you interested in this position?”

It seems like a basic question, but your answer says everything about you – your skills, your interest level, and whether you’ll fit in the company.


Keep your Points Relevant

When you’re trying to think on your feet, you might scramble to come up with an answer and share something that makes it seem like you’re only interested in the perks of the job, and not the job and company itself.

Maybe you can carpool to work since it’s on the way to your spouse’s office or maybe it’s near to your son’s daycare center.

But convenience for you won’t impress the interviewer.  Instead, it will only take away time in the interview you could have spent explaining why you’re excited about the position – and the company.


Talk About the Company

When someone asks “why are you interested in this position”, one of the worst things you can do is answer by reciting your list of skills and not mentioning the company.

To say you’re a great writer, a great salesman, or great with people and customer service is nice.

But really, why do you want to use those skills at this company? If you have mad skills, you can bring them anywhere.

The interviewer wants to know why you want to use them at his or her particular company.


Don’t Just Say What’s in it for You

Sure, the question is basically asking – even begging – you to explain that this job would give you a chance to learn more or grow a specific skillset. But do you think that’s what the interviewer wants to hear?

He or she wants to know what’s in it for the company if you are hired. So show that you’re excited about the company and explain why you’re the right fit.

Sell why you’re right for the job by focusing on your skills and experiences. Show that you want to be around for the long haul and aren’t just using this position as a stepping stone to something else.


Give positive answers and don’t focus on the negative

Don’t you get tired of hearing someone go on and on complaining about other people?

Or why everything is someone else’s fault?

Don’t be the person who can’t stop slamming your old (or current) job and employer.

Even if you are in a bad work environment, focus on the positives and your future.

Talk about the skills you’ve developed, but don’t spend significant amounts of time bringing an interviewer into your work drama.

Instead of being a Debbie Downer, focus on your skills and how you can use them to help this company.

“Why are you interested in this position”? It’s a simple little question really, but your answer can completely alter the course of your interview and the possibility of snagging the perfect job.

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