Backward. That’s how so many companies, bosses, and employees have it.

Backward. We’ve built our lives around our jobs instead of the other way around.

This leads to poor productivity, stress and unhappiness, high turnover and expensive recruiting.

 Employees today are just regular people juggling many responsibilities.

They need and crave flexibility. Offering more accommodating policies encourages employees to be more productive and take more ownership in their jobs.

So putting employees first creates a great company culture that attracts and retains great workers who are engaged on the job.


Telecommuting and Remote Work

 When possible, allow employees to choose where they work. This allows employees to deal with life events without having to take time off or quit their job completely.

If they are night-owls and don’t mind working late hours in order to be free to help care for a sick family member during the day, go for it.

As long as the company gets the same product or result , it may not matter exactly when an employee worked; what matters is that they got the job done.

 This flexibility also helps attract and retain young talent to your company.

Research shows that 89% of millennials would prefer to choose when and where they work rather than being placed in a 9-to-5 job, and nearly half would choose workplace flexibility over better pay.

You can actually pay someone less and have increased productivity if you give them more flexibility to get the job done.

 Sure, you’d rather have people there in the office to work collaboratively. But if you hire self-motivated people, they will create great work regardless of where they are.


Flex Vacation/Paid Time Off

 Trust your employees to manage their work in the best way possible, but enable them to work when they want, where they want.

This is not only empowering, but also builds long-term trust and loyalty.

Whether someone is sick or just needs a vacation day shouldn’t matter.

Give employees a set amount of time off to use however they see fit. As long as they know their workload and results need to be covered, they can decide for what, if and when to take time off.


Focus on Results

 Care about the “what” more than the “how”.

Yes, you need people to operate ethically and within your corporate guidelines. But pay attention to your employees and what makes them happy – or unhappy – in their jobs. Then try to find ways to maximize the happiness.

 It’s a win-win to put employees first.

When they feel cared about, they do their best work, stay with your company longer, work harder and produce more.

Overall, your return on investment is greater and your productivity will be higher too.

So the way you hire and put together talent on your employment team and the strategies you use to retain people can make a major difference in whether you find yourself leading a bunch of people who’ve mentally checked out — or a group that feeds off each other’s energy as they help the company reach its goals.

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