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Holman Automotive Group

  • Florida and New Jersey, United States

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Honesty & Integrity

Actions and behaviors that support the Holman culture are built upon a foundation of honesty and integrity. Employees should do the right thing all the time Doing what's right all the time is simple. Think about the "correctness" of your decisions and planned activities before acting upon them.

Dedication to Exceptional Customer Service

As Holman employees, we need to be dedicated to providing each customer with a positive experience each time they use one of our facilities. We need to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are satisfied. Our jobs exist because our customers exist. If we fail to serve them properly and put our needs before theirs, we won't keep them as customers.

Teamwork, Mutual Support and Respect for Each Other

Business, like many athletic games, is a team sport. Each team member has a role and if the roles are not carried out, the team can fail. Our success will depend on our ability and willingness to work together as a team toward our common goals. Cooperation, mutual support and respect by and between each and every employee, department and dealership create the foundation for achievement.

Continuous Focus on Improvement

With the ever-changing complexion of the automotive industry, those who are receptive to change and progress remain in the forefront of our business. All employees must look for ways to improve our processes and systems on an ongoing basis.

Devotion to the Community

Our philosophy has been to give back to the communities that support our success. Whether it is contributions to charitable organizations or coaching your child's sports team, the effort put forth is positive and rewarding in many ways.


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