Automotive Service Technician Tuttle Click Automotive Group - Irvine, California, US

Location: Irvine, CA
  • Job ID: 131215
  • Location: Irvine, CA 
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  • Zip Code: 92618
  • Posted: 06-15-2018
  • Category: Auto Technician

Job Description:

POSITION SUMMARY:  Performs vehicle repairs; oversees the work of apprentice technicians as assigned; recommends needed and necessary service and repairs; maintains an honest relationship with satisfied and dissatisfied customers; follows and adheres to the Company’s Code of Ethical Behavior and Dealings.  Performs assigned work in a safe manner that is consistent with both federal, state, and manufacturer and Company safety guides; advises management of any damaged or unsafe equipment or tools; safely drives vehicles on pre-established evaluation routes; physically inspects vehicles and identify any defects, flaws, blemishes or damage, either on the exterior or interior; obeys all state, federal and DMV laws and regulations.  Utilizes PPE and all safety devices.   ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Performs assigned work with speed, accuracy and quality in accordance with factory and dealership standards. Maintains consistent level of competence on vehicle repairs and maintenance. Completes all assigned work in a safe manner consistent with both federal, state, manufacturer and Company safety guides. Advises management on any damaged or unsafe equipment or tools. Safely drives vehicles on pre-established demonstration route. Physically inspects vehicles and identifies any defects, flaws, blemishes and damage either on the exterior or interior. Obeys all state, federal and Department of Motor Vehicles laws and regulations, adheres to all Company policies, procedures and ethical standards and established industry guidelines.  

Job Requirements:

ESSENTIAL JOB REQUIREMENTS: Verbal communication ability to clearly communicate in person and by telephone with co-workers and customers regarding the service requirements of the vehicle. Daily attendance that is consistent, regular and timely. English reading and math skills sufficient to read all contracts and manufacturer’s information (approximately 10th grade level). Extensive (up to 6 consecutive hours) standing, climbing, walking and fast walking (approximately a combined 4 miles daily) on cement, usual parking lot surfaces, tile, lino and other interior and exterior flooring surfaces. Repeated, regular and extended bending, twisting, sliding, pushing, pulling, stooping, stretching and reaching. Mentally recalls, tracks and accurately recounts work in progress; the ability to accurately apply pertinent repair information. Completes required forms, documents and reports as needed. Extensive out-of-doors work during daytime and nighttime hours in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures. Cooperative and courteous manner with customers, co-workers and management personnel. Valid driver’s license and insurability by employer’s carrier. Accurately compares, reads and records identification numbers up to “18” alphanumeric series (i.e., Vehicle Identification Number, part numbers). Works extended hours (potentially 10 hour days), spur of the moment overtime AND consecutive work days on a regular and irregular basis. Repeated and regular getting in and out of front and back seats of different sized vehicles. Repeated lifting, leveraging and carrying of up to 50 pounds for both short and longer distances and over a variety of walking surfaces. Works cooperatively and courteously with a diverse population of co-workers.  Clearly and effectively communicates with diverse work group; handles frustration, anger and pressure without internalizing. Operates all machinery safely and with a high level of expertise.  Applies and correctly uses PPE when needed and as required. Ability to maintain good employee relations by acting courteously and amicably towards other co-workers. All physical requirements detailed on attached chart. ALL CANDIDATES: 1.  Pass observed and SAMHSA certified drug screen. 2.  Present documents to certify eligibility to work. 3.  Have work history verified as accurate.